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1370 Type-C OTG Adapter 1370 Type-C OTG Adapter
-78 %
"Type-C OTG AdapterType C OTG to Micro USB Adapter allows you to charge and sync USB-C devices with a micro USB cable. It has a plug and play design. There is no need for external driver or software installation to use this adapter, just plug in and get started. It allows high speed data transfer fr..
Rs.22.00 Rs.98.00
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360 Makeup Cutlery Box Girl.
-67 %
Desk makeup organizer with drawer and compartment design, which could hold different items at the same time Storage box has multiple uses and therefore can be used in dressing room, bathroom, study room, office, toilet, living room, bedroom bedside table and other space. The makeup storage box have ..
Rs.118.00 Rs.354.00
Ex Tax:Rs.118.00
4724 Foldable & Adjustable Portable Laptop Stand for laptops 4724 Foldable & Adjustable Portable Laptop Stand for laptops
-53 %
Foldable & Adjustable Portable Laptop Stand for laptopsNow you need not worry about wrist, spine and neck-related injuries and issues. My allows you to work at different angles for long hours at a stretch without straining your body. This adjustable laptop stand comprises panels, grooves, and anti-s..
Rs.280.00 Rs.598.00
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507 Night HD Vision Driving Anti Glare Eyeglasses
-67 %
Description: Brand New and Good Quality Color: Yellow black Material: Plastic Size: As picture showed Side Protect Design Feature: HD Vision technology gives you clarity that you have never experienced With side lens for improved peripheral vision Great for Low Light & Foggy Conditions Black Frame w..
Rs.158.00 Rs.474.00
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866 Pure Silver Coin for Gift & Pooja
-99 %
Pure Silver Coin for Gift & Pooja | Silver Coin | Pure silver coin Perfect gift for your relatives and dear ones Round shaped coin Goddess Lakshmi coin This coin comes with transparent tamper proof packaging...
Rs.10.00 Rs.990.00
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